Scott Benson

Greetings and welcome to North Shore Reflections, our photography service!  I have been a North Shore resident since 1987 and a professional photographer for over 25 years.  I learned my craft from using my film cameras before switching to digital.  My childhood was well documented by my Dad and his trusty Argus C-3.  He took many slides of our family gatherings.  I developed a good eye for composing photos at an early age.  It was then that I learned to always keep a camera close at hand. 

My formative years on the shore included work as a summer resort naturalist, BWCA canoe guide, ski lift operator, cross country ski trail maintenance, and also the Grand Marais Playhouse photographer.  In addition to our photography work, I currently work at Solbakken Resort near Lutsen. 

What started out as a solo business turned into a partnership in 2002 when I married Brenda.  She has a fine eye in posing people for my shots, (whether it’s a couple, or a large group of fifty), as well as taking her own spontaneous photos.  Brenda adds a great dimension to my work.  And she really makes my job easier!
Scott and Brenda Benson

Scott and Brenda Benson - Photographers

Brenda Benson

I received my first camera when I was thirteen.  It was a 10 mm Kodak Instamatic.  Through that camera I developed a love for taking photos.  Looking back I photographed some very strange objects, but at the time I thought they were beautiful works of art.  When I was twenty one I bought my first 35 mm camera.  It was a Minolta.  I had sheer enjoyment from using that camera for many years.  Later when I met and married Scott I knew that I was fortunate to find a photographer as a life time partner. 

I consider it a privilege to work with Scott in the business he began many years ago.  I love setting up a pose that will create just the right look.  I also love producing photos that are original and fun loving.  I think a photo tells a lot about the character of the person or group.  I believe that creating the mood is also very important aspect of the posing and that’s why I really strive to establish a good relationship with all the people we work with, in order for them to feel comfortable with us.   A relaxed look is much better than a forced look.

The love for adventure has taken me and my camera to different places in the world.  The most recent trip was two weeks in Italy and Switzerland.  While I was there I couldn’t turn down a tandem paragliding ride in the Oberland Alps.  Flying like an eagle was absolutely amazing!  Photographing these excursions has been as fun as the adventure itself!

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